A fast, portable, flexible JavaScript component framework

HTML Template

Declarative template. HTML conformant template makes it easier for HTML developers.

Data Driven

The DOM will be updated accordingly by the view engine upon any data modification. Free yourself from trivial and error-prone DOM APIs.


A component is a combination of data, logic and view. Feature blocks, from a single input combination to a whole page, can be built via San components.

High Performance View

By modifying the data, the view engine can directly refresh the view area that needs to be changed without any detection and better performance.

Component Reversion

Optimized for the first screen and output HTML from the server side. Reverse parse components from existing elements and build bindings.

Small Size

Volume less that 15kb (gzipped), no need to worry about the burden of page downloads. The gospel of patients with volume obsessive.

Good Compatibility

Another benefit of modifying data by method is that you can get better browser compatibility. After all, some users of our products are a bit rigid.

Flexible Module Management

The ESNext Module or AMD can be selected in the project. Of course, if you want to use global variables it is also supported.

Convenient Reference

Support for multiple methods such as NPM, GitHub, download, HTTP and HTTPS CDN, making development and online reference more convenient.


Tutorials, documents and demos to understand and use San.


Some tools and libraries can help you build your app faster and easier.